My name is Pedro, also known as Shadid on a few fansites. I’m an 19 year old person from Portugal, who is normally a code monkey. When not programming, I tend to write stuff and save it in a box. And you’re looking at it.
I’m currently in high school, and trying to figure out what I’ll do in my life, just to get ready for college and actually achieve something in life. And in general, I can be an awesome person if you actually get to know me!

As for entertainment, I adore music and gaming. They’re both my special traits, which is why I’m currently learning how to play the guitar and fooling around in virtual instruments. And in gaming, I love platforming, adventure, RPG and action games. But I also do competitive gaming, an example of that is fighting games!

The box is indeed real, and I do tend to save every post on it. It’s a thinking box for a reason, after all!

But the main goal is to know who’s the person outside of gaming. Outside of programming and designing. And it’s why it’s safe in the box.


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